Distance Learning from the Students’ Point of View: Connected but Socially Disconnected

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on New Approaches in Education

Year: 2022



Distance Learning from the Students’ Point of View: Connected but Socially Disconnected

Caterina Bembich



Increased adoption of distance learning (DL) during the Covid-19 pandemic, introduced in school contexts all over the world without prior planning, represents a sudden change in teaching methods. DL has presented challenges for teachers and students, but concurrently has made it possible to highlight problems present in the school’s system and opened deep reflection on the effectiveness of teaching strategies. Interaction in online learning environments is considered a central factor to ensure the participation and inclusion for all students, even those most fragile. Therefore, building online learning environments where space is given for interaction and exchange, allows institutions to decrease students’ sense of isolation and the factors which can produce psychological discomfort, as well as help students develop a greater sense of responsibility and self-efficacy. However, this goal has not always been achieved through DL during the pandemic: the literature highlights critical areas of concern in relation to online learning to be the low quality of participation; this in addition to technical problems, as availability of suitable device and good internet connection, and to the lack in the digital competences. Starting from these premises, this inquiry aims to explore the students’ point of view with respect to their learning experience during DL, in order to understand, from their perspective, the obstacles and opportunities they encounter, their needs and the possible factors that could improve their learning experience.

keywords: distance learning, students’ perspective, interaction, self-regulation.