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Why Publish with Us

Diamond Scientific Publishing is an open access publisher, catering to the global community of readers and publishing work in a variety of formats.

Quality is at the foundation of our work. As such, each item that we publish – be it in the form of an article or a book – undergoes a rigorous double-blind peer review process. All work is published in English and available free of charge for anyone to access, use, and share.

As an author, you have dedicated months, or more likely years, to research, analyses, and writing. However, your work will not live up to its potential if it does not find its audience. Knowledge is meant to be shared and built upon. It is impactful only if it contributes to the conversation. With Diamond Scientific Publishing, you are helping your work accomplish exactly that – become a part of the conversation.

The stronger the reach of your work, the more recognition you receive as its author and the more impact your work has on the way policy makers, academics, and other members of the global community shape the future.

Benefits at a Glance

Variety of formats

We publish academic work in a range of formats – journals, books, conference proceedings, textbooks, handbooks, etc. ­– to accommodate authors’ individual preferences and methodologies

Credibility and unblemished reputation

The double-blind peer review process ensures that every work submitted to us is judged purely on its merits, which has earned us the reputation as a leading digital publisher

Prompt services

From the straight-forward online submission process to the fast response rate to any and all queries, we get your work published without the traditional bureaucratic delays

What is open access?

Open access is a publishing model that allows readers to access content without restrictions or fees.

how can we help you?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.