Become an Academic Editor

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Why Become an Academic Editor

Academic editors are the gatekeepers of integrity, quality, and authenticity. Their contribution to the world of academia as well as real-life application of findings is immense. It is thanks to their involvement that research is able to find its audience, accessed by hundreds of thousands of academics around the world, and push a field into the future.

What an Academic Editor Does

As an academic editor, you will be in the position to make real impact both on your field of study and on the careers of your authors. You will evaluate incoming submissions for their quality and relevance. You will be copyediting manuscripts, ensuring its readability and consistency. You will be working closely with your authors to deliver a manuscript that puts focus on the main findings and highlights their importance.

The academic community relies on editors to bring ideas to life. A solid thesis and interesting findings are not enough. The style of the delivery is what allows to bridge the gap between authors and readers.

Finally, you will decide which papers are sent forward for peer review based on your evaluation of whether a submission adheres to the requirements of Diamond Scientific Publishing.

Apply now to help authors from around the world get their work published and contribute to the global knowledge pool.

Our ultimate goal is to accelerate the pace of development of the fields we are covering. We adopted the open access strategy to make high-quality research available to everyone. That’s why we need your contribution. Help us deliver groundbreaking research to the global audience and make a positive impact on the world of academia and policy.