Peer Reviewing

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How the Peer Review Process Works

  • Processing a submission

Once an author submits their work, it is first reviewed by a member of the editorial board to make sure that the quality and focus of work adheres to our publishing requirements. If minor changes are required to ensure such compliance, the editorial board coordinates with the author to implement the necessary changes. If, on the other hand, the submitted work fails the scope or quality requirements, it is rejected by the editorial board.

  •  Assigning reviewers

Upon initial screening, the editorial staff assigns a paper to two or more reviewers. Each reviewer working with us has been carefully selected based on their prior experience and work published. Papers are assigned to reviewers who specialize in the field the paper focuses on.

  • Reviewing a submission

Reviewers are generally given 60 days to review a paper assigned to them, however, this timeframe may vary depending on the individual requirements of each submission. Upon reviewing a submission, a reviewer provides a decision along with feedback on minor or major improvements in the event of a positive decision.

What is open access?

Open access is a publishing model that allows readers to access content without restrictions or fees.

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