Green competencies for teachers and students in project-oriented learning

Proceedings of The 4th World Conference on Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Green competencies for teachers and students in project-oriented learning

Aleksandra Jastrzębska, Krzysztof Jastrzębski,Anna Laska-Leśniewicz



In a modern, dynamically changing world, very important aspects of educational practices must be connected with the circular economy and sustainable development aspects. The development of green competencies among teachers and students will help to adjust the gained knowledge to the constantly changing demands of the future job market, especially in terms of “greening” the world.

Facing these demands, two international Erasmus+ projects coordinated by the Technical University of Lodz in Poland are being held. One of them, the High5 project, is targeted to use a new methodology – Integrated Design, to combine project-based education with sustainable development and circularity aspects for higher education purposes. The second one, Design4Climate, aims at using design thinking in transforming vocational education classes to be more focused on circular economy aspects.

Teams working on these projects strongly believe that undertaken actions will promote high-quality vocational and higher education through innovative learning that combines green learning activities with the needs of industry and social demands.

keywords: circular economy, design thinking, higher education, sustainable development, vocational education.