The Phenomenon of Homeschooling in Lebanon

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2021


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The Phenomenon of Homeschooling in Lebanon

Ali Nazar , Rita Nasrallah



With homeschooling being illegal in Lebanon and the Arab world, relevant literature provided on this topic is significantly scarce. Hence, this dissertation marks an original contribution to the field of homeschooling in Lebanon and the Arab world, and represents one of the few building blocks in this rising project by suggesting an educational alternative during exceptional circumstances as those produced by COVID-19 and COVID-20.

This research investigates two main aspects. First, it explores the status quo of homeschooling in Lebanon from parents’ viewpoints using triangulation in both sources and techniques of getting information. The generated analysis as subsequently categorized into seven subfields: (1) Conditions and qualifications for practicing homeschooling (2) Reasons for homeschooling (3) Documentation of the homeschooling experience (4) Approved curriculums and programs for home education (5) The child’s interaction with the experience (6) Evaluation and o results (7) The partner’s interaction with the experience.The second objective was to document the viewpoints of the stakeholders in the education sector.

Data produced by interviews conducted with three stakeholders in the education sector was categorized into four subsections and analyzed respectively, namely: (1) The legal status of home education in Lebanon. (2) Studies or reports on homeschooling (3) Assessment of stakeholders in the education sector on the homeschooling experience.

Keywords: Homeschooling- legal- effects.