Coupled Stochastic Geomechanical Reservoir Black-Oil Flow Modeling

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Research in Applied Science

Year: 2021


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Coupled Stochastic Geomechanical Reservoir Black-Oil Flow Modeling

Dulian Zeqiraj



The problem of poroelasticity effect of oil reservoir has been investigated by many authors, having concrete results which often coincided with reality. However, in some cases, many such poroelasticity problems have not agreed with the practical results. Moreover, the reason has been precisely the difficulty of dealing with the problem theoretically and practically. However, with the rapid evolution of computer calculations, there has been a development in this direction in recent years. The stochastic nature, for the sake of truth, has remained a little bit untreated. Even in those few cases treated from a stochastic point of view, it is time-consuming on the computer. The Uncertainty Quantification method, based on these algorithms, is not yet a well-defined, consolidated method. We will address this problem in this paper in a stochastic manner, but without the Uncertainty Quantification technic. The discretization of the values ​​resulting from continuous functions is that what we propose. The results are elaborated in software such as MRST-SINTEF and are calibrated with other commercial software, like Eclipse.

Keywords: Coupled modeling; Stochastic geomechanics, poroelasticity, continuous discretization functions, black-oil flow.