A Stylistic Pedagogic Approach to Literary Texts

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Advanced Research in Education

Year: 2021


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A Stylistic Pedagogic Approach to Literary Texts

N. Prasanna Lakshmi




Style is the art of expression in writing. ‘Style’ may be expressed in numerous ways. A person’s use of language in creative writing, his selection of words, manner of expression, variation in the use of language and it has also been interpreted in terms of deviations from the normal use of language. Style is the specific form of a text, as there is no text without style. Against the above backdrop, this paper attempts a description of lexical and grammatical patterns employed in a few poems by Dom Moraes. Since style functions in a literary text to convey meanings in distinct ways, it is assumed that a linguistic analysis of the lexis and grammar of the poems will reveal how the poet exploits stylistic choices of the English language to convey his meaning. Its relevance in poetic language is discussed. That is the poetic analysis in this paper involves the study of the stylistic patterns along with their functions at the levels of the ‘grammar’, ‘syntax’ and ‘lexis’. The present study discusses how the numerous ways the linguistic features are exploited to show the literary qualities of the text and as well as how the text can be a source of study to understand the linguistic and stylistic areas for pedagogic purposes empowering the English teaching classrooms, as it has innumerable use of exploitation of such structures to study.

keywords: choices; deviance; function; norm; diction.