Heutagogical Approach: A Readiness Assessment

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Advanced Research in Education

Year: 2021


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Heutagogical Approach: A Readiness Assessment

Parul Shantilal Popat




The incorporation of learner-centric instructional strategies in formal education is the need of the hour in the present context. The challenges of the teaching-learning process, today, are no more limited to managing heterogeneous classes, learner’s attitude, bridging the gap between the industry and academia etc.  Educators have always been trying to balance between haves and have-nots with respect to students having access to technology, choosing what to teach and how much to teach as well as in what way to teach. No methodology or approach has proved to be a panacea resulting in more efforts to make teaching-learning effective.  Teaching-learning practices in literary studies in English at the tertiary level in Gujarat have mainly been teachers’ prerogative. Learners imbibe every word that comes from a teacher with a feeling of awe with very little participation in the discussion, less possibility of query, and the least leeway of questioning. When pedagogy is still trying to set its foot into the teaching-learning process of literary studies in English, andragogy is being practiced only by a handful, the herald of heutagogical approach centering on self-determined learning poses a question – Are the stakeholders of literary studies in English in Gujarat ready to explore and employ this approach? The paper tries to examine the use of various methods and approaches in literary studies in English in Gujarat and reflect on the feasibility of its incorporation in formal education.

keywords: heutagogy; english studies; higher education; readiness assessment; learner-centered.