Retrofitting of the Former Built Environment, Tirana Case

Proceedings of The 3rd World Conference on Engineering and Technology

Year: 2022



Retrofitting of the Former Built Environment, Tirana Case

Dr. Juljan Veleshnja



The awareness about the climate change brings the attention of the society toward the sustainable development. Taking in consideration the implementation of the Energy performance of buildings directive and the energy consumption of the building sector it is necessary to undertake urgent actions, and especially to the large amount of the building stock. The residential building stock need urgent retrofitting intervention, actions of deep renovation, dictated by the Directives. Good interventions of retrofitting intervention to the building stock, in order to upgrade their energy efficiency, can reach up to 60% of savings to the current energy demand, so a good ecological and economic solution. The residential building stock need retrofitting interventions, with clear strategies and integrated design of the whole building organism with its surrounding. For these reasons, it is important to focus on this research on certain physical problematics, the ones close related to the morphology, materials, context, indoor environmental quality and the inhabitants’ behaviour of the residential multi-storey blocks, which are a good part of the building stock in Albania. The residential building blocks have faced different interventions dictated by many factors. The choice of the case study is based on an empirical and observational research on the territory, but although on the descriptive research done to the existing literature that evidences building typologies spread in the territory. This research aims to present retrofitting strategies for a chosen case study.

keywords: retrofitting, sustainability, environmental design, energy-building performance