Game-Based Learning Platform and Its Effects on Vocabulary Mastery in Online ESL Classroom

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd world conference on Future of Education

Year: 2021


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Game-Based Learning Platform and Its Effects on Vocabulary Mastery in Online ESL Classroom

Tanxia Claire R. Tobias



In today’s technologically overrun world, English content is obtainable to whoever with access to a smartphone, tablet or computer. Online ESL has expanded the ways in which teachers can foster fun and interactive way of learning in a global classroom. Game-based learning is found to be essential for educators to assist students in achieving mastery of English language through strengthened memory retention. This study aims to explore the effectiveness of game-based learning platform to increase vocabulary mastery. In addition, this intends to design games in a particular course (Zero/Beginner level) to shape better student interaction and vocabulary mastery using game-based learning methodology. Based on teacher’s role to determine the effectiveness of methodology through careful assessment, effective feedback, and thorough knowledge on student’s manner of learning. An online quantitative questionnaire was distributed to 100 office-based teachers at 51Talk Philippines, they were asked to respond to the material. To validate the results from the questionnaire, a focus group interview was conducted among 10 potential respondents. Analysis of the responses demonstrated that game-based learning was relevant teaching tool for current generation of learners to retain unfamiliar vocabulary. Accordingly, findings of the study proved that use of games in class was very effective; students were more engaged, motivated and they learned more vocabulary. Overall, using games during Online ESL teaching was successful in improving students’ vocabulary mastery. Implications of the study suggested that Online educators should explore the possibilities of game-based methodology in unlocking student’s potential towards student’s preparation to face and win the world with excellent communicative skills.

Keywords: ESL; Beginner Level; Game-Based Learning; Online Classroom.