Blue Diplomacy of Bangladesh: Connectivity, Capabilities, and Challenges

Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Research in Business, Management and Finance

Year: 2021


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Blue Diplomacy of Bangladesh: Connectivity, Capabilities, and Challenges

Md. Rezaul Haque



Bangladesh has become a pilot country of blue economy which is internationally accepted and recognised. As a pilot country of blue economy, Bangladesh has taken some programmes, policy and schemes for the development of her blue economy especially after the final maritime dispute settlement against India in 2014, positive verdict awarded by PCA ( Permanent Court of Arbitration ). Bangladesh is still lagged in its blue diplomacy advancement. Though Bangladesh has some international agreements and negotiations with some international maritime and other  international organizations as well as academia like UN, FAO, IMO, UNEP, IORA, WMU, WB, ADB etc. But, still there is no mentionable improvements in the development of blue diplomacy of Bangladesh for the sake of a prosperous blue economy in Bangladesh. The research paper has a sincere effort to sketch the scenarios like Bangladesh’s blue diplomatic connectivity, capabilities and challenges. At the same time, the research paper also has a sanguine endeavour to address some insightful recommendations for the overall further  and future development of blue economy of Bangladesh through blue diplomacy.

Keywords: Blue Diplomacy, Connectivity, Capabilities, Challenges, Bangladesh.