Legal Challenges of Block chain for e Government Application

Proceedings of ‏The World Conference on Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2020


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Legal Challenges of Block chain for e Government Application

Andrea Peláez-Repiso, Pablo Sánchez-Núñez, Francisco E. Cabrera and Luis Ayuso



In the last year, the concept of distributed ledgers has entered mainstream company and policy agendas. Between different types of ledgers, it can be said that blockchain is the most notable. Different studies have shown that blockchain technology can reduce bureaucracy, increase the level of trust in public recordkeeping. In order to make further progress in its implementation in the different areas, it is necessary first of all that technological and ecosystem maturity of distributed ledgers have to increase in order to unlock the transformative power of blockchain; and in second instance the Policy agenda should focus on non-technological barriers, and create new administrative processes that can be re-engineered for blockchain. But, this new context, faces new legal challenges: personal data, free circulation of data…, which must to be analysed. The main objective of this paper is to analyse the new legal challenges from technical and methodological points of view.

Keywords: Block chain, e Government, Personal Data, Legal, Transparency.