Error Analysis of Time Deixis’ Usage by Omani students

Proceedings of International Conference on New Trends in Teaching and Education

Year: 2019


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Error Analysis of Time Deixis’ Usage by Omani students

Ibtisam Al-Quraini




English in Oman is taught as a foreign language in all its schools and colleges. Although all schools and colleges in Oman put tremendous efforts in teaching English, Omani learners who are at secondary schools still have linguistic problems. They, for instance, still commit errors on using the right verb and the right tense; even though, they have been taught verb tenses since elementary school. The research will use mixed methods, which are qualitative method and quantitative method, to investigate the errors of time deixis (verb tenses) which are committed by Omani learners. The participants of this research are 33 10th grade Omani female students in the academic year 2017/2018. A test was distributed to 33 participants, and the students were asked to answer two different parts of questions. The first part, which is qualitative, has 12 multiple-choice questions with four options. The second part is open-ended question which requires writing a paragraph. The research findings reveal that Omani Female learners committed verb tenses’ errors in frequent ways. (72.72%) of Omani Female students misused verb tenses the first part of the test in the first part of the test.  In the second part, which is qualitative, has one open ended question. The students kept using wrong tenses where they should use others. The results of the research concluded that the Omani learners of English still need more practice of English in the daily life to improve their level in English.

Keywords: time Deixis, verb tenses, verb tenses’ errors, learners’ practices.