Promoting Academic Curiosity, Creativity & Collaboration Through Integrated Poster Presentation

Proceedings of The 7th International Conference on Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2023



Promoting Academic Curiosity, Creativity & Collaboration Through Integrated Poster Presentation

Dr. Rashmirekha Sahoo, Prof. Dr. Soumendra Sahoo



Purpose of research

Creating & presenting poster in a group is considered as an experiential learning activity that stimulates curiosity and interest among students. The activity also provides students with a novel way to demonstrate their understanding of scientific principles. This study analysed the views of participants on the academic benefits and learning of medical sciences through poster presentation activity.

Method of research

This was a cross-sectional study among premedical students, which used the sequential exploratory type of mixed methods design. The quantitative data was collected via surveybased questionnaires and qualitative study through structured semi structured interview. The thematic analysis was done to understand the learning through poster presentation activities.

Main Results

Most students believed the process of making poster preparation acted as an opportunity to promote deep learning. The statements in questionnaire that the students marked most highly were as follows: team working (4.27 average), holistic understanding (4.15 average), creativity (4.14 average), problem solving (4.02 average) and appreciating different viewpoints (4.02 average). Moreover, a majority expressed that making these presentations could enhance teamwork, which gave them an insight into collaborative learning.


Our study revealed that poster presentations, when used effectively as an assignment, can facilitate a learner’s critical and reflective thinking, and promote active learning.

Keywords: academic curiosity, collaborative learning, poster presentation, integration