“Why Are My Notes Useless in My Test?”Reverse the Class, Let Students Direct Lesson

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on New Trends in Teaching and Education

Year: 2023



“Why Are My Notes Useless in My Test?”Reverse the Class, Let Students Direct Lesson

Anne D’Arcy- Warmington




Mathematics and statistics are disciplines that many would say are just formulae or funny symbols and it is all too confusing. Educators have tried to help by allowing students to have their own notes during tests and examinations. According to Charles P. Corcoran, the use of notes had no significant effect on the learning outcomes in 2020, noting that there is very little literature available on this topic. For the past few trimesters, we have introduced a different style of lecture concerning probability. The students should have watched short videos on Venn and Tree Diagrams, Table, and symbolic formula. The students are unaware how the class is about to be conducted when they arrive in the classroom. Most of the classes are interactive but are facilitated by the educator, the only difference this week is the students must decide on what notes would help during the test. The reason why this class is conducted in this fashion is that it will be the first written test of the trimester. There are many benefits for both student and educator, not only how time-consuming writing notes can be for the student but for the educator you can see the misconceptions and failure to recognise key points. It is hoped that this experience may help students provide better notes in all disciplines. The paper will elaborate more on the experience in the classroom setting.

keywords: Learning, Moments, Note-taking, Revision, Teaching