Encounters of English First Additional Language Teachers in rural schools

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Innovative Research in Education

Year: 2023



Encounters of English First Additional Language Teachers in rural schools

Rendani Mercy Makhwathana




This paper intends to explore teachers’ encounters when teaching English First Additional Language in rural public schools. Teachers are pillars of any education system around the globe. Educational transformations hinge on them as critical role players in the education system. Thus, teachers’ encounters are worth consideration, for they impact learners’ learning and the well-being of education in general. An exploratory qualitative approach was used in this paper. The population for this paper comprised all Foundation Phase teachers in the district. A purposive sample of 15 Foundation Phase teachers from five rural-based schools was used. Data were collected through classroom observation and individual face-to-face interviews. Data were categorised, analysed, and interpreted. Amongst the revealed teachers’ encounters are learners’ inability to read and write and learners’ lack of English language background and learners lack the vocabulary to express themselves. This paper recommends the provision of relevant resources and support to effectively teach English First Additional Language to enable learners’ engagement and effective use of the English language.

keywords: Education system, First Additional Language, Foundation Phase, Intermediate Phase, gestures, Language of learning and teaching, Medium of instruction, teacher professional development