E-learning Platform Development for Science Education for SMEs

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Innovative Research in Education

Year: 2023



E-learning Platform Development for Science Education for SMEs

Esztella Rostási




The paper will present a practical approach to science education to SMEs. The paper will present Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd for Applied Research’s project implementing its e-learning platform and its embodied tools such as podcasts, videos using partial, real-life cases with the aim of educating and sharing knowledge with SMEs on science related topics, such sustainability, Industry 4.0 and polymers. The paper presents the learning process, challenges and lessons learnt by our Research Center translating specific, high level research trends and topics into practical and useful information for SMEs while learning how to use modern e-learning solutions to prepare learning materials. E-learning tools support our Research Center in building partnership and business relations with SMEs through education and knowledge sharing, opening dialogue and bringing closer research and innovation trends and topics to these companies. The paper will also give insight on target audience communication and marketing of the new e-learning platform and materials.

keywords: e-learning platform and tools, knowledge sharing, learning process, marketing and communication to SMEs, research and innovation trends