Analyzing coordinative development in 5-9 years old children in Albania

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Research in Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2023



Analyzing coordinative development in 5-9 years old children in Albania

Dr. Keida Ushtelenca, MSc. Blerina Mema




Development Children Disorder (DCD) is characterized as a specific motor disorder with a serious impairment in the development of motor coordination as its key characteristic, which cannot be fully explained by general intellectual retardation or by any particular congenital or acquired neurological disorder. The main objective of this paper was to identify associations between physical activity engagement and DCD.  A survey using a standardized questionnaire was conducted. Participants of this survey were 352 children enrolled in elementary schools, from four different cities of Albania. Participants were randomly selected using a stratified sample based on geographical location. Results showed that there was a lower indication of CDD in children who actively participated in physical activity programs/classes compared to less physical active children. There were non significant differences in DCD based on gender. Findings of this study can help educators, school management and local administrators to  define strategies for children engagement in  physical activity programs/courses and physical education classes.

keywords: elementary school, class, motor disorder, physical activity, physical education