Blurred Boundaries of The Digital Subject: What Issues Are at Stake?

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Research in Social Sciences and Humanities

Year: 2022



Blurred Boundaries of The Digital Subject: What Issues Are at Stake?

Claudia Landolfi



Digital technology extends our psychophysical abilities and has now fully constituted our nature. Can we think of digital as an outside tool, or does our mind see it as an integrated element of our body-mind? Such question must be addressed using an interdisciplinary approach that combines philosophical, psychological, and neuroscientific research tools such as neuroimaging to derive a broad picture of the processes that shape contemporary subjectivity and identify current trends. The hypothesis taken into consideration and discussed in this work is that the human-digital interaction goes beyond the categories through which the nature-technic relationship was thought of in the past in Western philosophical thought, as nowadays, thanks to scans of the brain, it is possible to recognize how digital technology modifies neural connections and intervenes in the development of certain areas of the brain. As we use digital and reflect upon it, our mind is already changing. The formation of the contemporary personality, therefore, takes place within digital processes which: affect subjectivation; they tend to follow approved schemes; they can be technologically oriented. If we consider the importance we attribute to humanity as a “human resource”, do we run the risk of a guided enhancement of it?

keywords: Ethics, Neuroimaging, Psychology, Digital Subjectivation.