Glycosa: Mobile and Cloud Computing Solutions to Combat Diabetes and Control of Glycemia

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Modern Research in Engineering, Technology and Science

Year: 2022



Glycosa: Mobile and Cloud Computing Solutions to Combat Diabetes and Control of Glycemia

Shandryll Stéphano Cordeiro Bibiano, César Augusto Cardoso Braga, Ana Carolina Ribeiro, Danilo Cotta Saldanha e Silva, Fernando Astrogildo de Aparecida Pimenta Bracarense, Jefferson Ricardo Rodrigues Morais, João Pedro Antunes Cunha, Maria Fernanda Miranda Valente, Mariana Souza Lima Gariglio, Paulo Mauricio Campos Viana, Renata Duarte Mellim, Gustavo Alves Fernandes, Braulio Roberto Gomes Marinho Couto, Luiz Melk de Carvalho, Diva de Souza e Silva Rodrigues, Flávio Henrique Batista de Souza



Currently, diabetes is a disease that affects one in ten adults in the world and the biggest challenge for people that have it has been to keep their glycemic indexes stable, according to the values indicated as ideal. With the technological innovations that exist nowadays, developing a patient care system to support their need for monitoring glycemic indexes is becoming increasingly accessible and practical. In this context, this work aims to present a mobile solution, called Glycosa, to help on the control of the glycemic index for diabetes of all types. In the data analysis performed in this work, it is demonstrated the effectiveness of the system during its operation, which, in summary, allows the registration and consultation of the glycemic indexes of the users, the generation of graphs of the data recorded and the creation of reminders for their measurements. By performing these tasks, the system guarantees a level of assistance for the patients, so that they do not forget about the monitoring of their glycemic index at predefined times, in order to improve the quality of life. In addition, it is possible to record the contact of a caregiver, who receives warning signs in case of high or low blood glucose after the registration by the user. Thus, the solution brings contributions in the way of conducting diabetes treatment since it enables a data analysis structure, which provides the medical team with a tool to optimize treatment management.

keywords: Diabetes; Mobile Application; Cloud Computing; Medical Monitoring; Data Analytics.