Educational Space and Active Methodologies

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Modern Research in Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2022



Educational Space and Active Methodologies

Poyato-Núñez, Marta M.ª & Parra-González, M.ª Elena



Educational centres aim to offer students quality educational facilities which promote social relations, cooperative work and participation; this way, the incorporation of a methodological renovation within the classrooms on behalf of academic progress will be promoted. The design of today’s learning spaces must offer educators the opportunity of carrying out a renewed methodology enhancing the educational project; making it possible that learners have a say in their own educational-learning process. These spaces must facilitate the teaching work in the interest of the students.

This research paper which took place in Ceuta (Spain) intends to find out whether particular spatial conditions so that educational centres are actually stimulating elements within the process or not. An investigation in which we are interested in analysing if current infrastructures, human resources and materials are interfering the methodological renewal and letting the design of these spaces be elements of significant impact in the academic achievement. Being aware of the educational community’s perception about the adequacy of resources, air quality in the classrooms, appropriateness of both lighting and infrastructures will be some of the aspects to which we will try to shed light on. With the data obtained we conclude the following: on the one hand, characteristics and infrastructures of educational centres positively contribute in the teaching-learning process and, on the other hand, the localized deficiencies within the analysed educational spaces clearly interfere methodological renewal and active methodologies in the classrooms.

keywords: academic achievement , design , education , educational space , active methodologies