Physical Activity for Individuals with Disabilities in Kuwait

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Modern Research in Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2022



Physical Activity for Individuals with Disabilities in Kuwait

Zainab A. Abbas



Recent decades have seen a lot of progress in the field of education and equality for individuals with disabilities, but despite these developments, physical activity is often ignored for them. Thus, the aim of this study is to determine the level of physical activity for individuals with disabilities in Kuwait by measuring the number of daily steps for them for seven continuous days and then studying the effect of demographic variables such as gender, type of disability and body mass level on their physical activity. The results of this study showed that the pattern of physical activity for all participants in their daily lives is insufficient for health benefits. The study also showed that there is an inverse correlation between the body mass and the level of physical activity.

keywords: individuals with disabilities, physical activity, BMI, Kuwait