The Cartographic Presentation in Salzburg: The Example of the Demography

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Future of Social Sciences

Year: 2023



The Cartographic Presentation in Salzburg: The Example of the Demography

Efthymios – Spyridon Georgiou




The current scientific paper presents the population change in the province of Salzburg. The main object is the cartographical presentation. The purpose is the analysis of the historical process of demography. At the end of the process, the audience can understand the reasons for the changing population, and there are map applications. Firstly, the maps are excellent practice for presenting to the audience in a creative, attractive, and understanding way. Each map is an index of reality. Nowadays, the pragmatism approach has powerful meaning. For example, social media information negatively affects the line between truth and wrong. In this way, the tool of maps in the province of Salzburg promotes characteristics of demography. The data was received from the official site of the European Union.
Secondly, the papers examine the policies that have a role in the configuration of the population. For instance, when the economic factors are good, the parents move forward in creating a family. The robust paradigm is the phenomenon after the second war in Europe. This period gains peace, and the level of happiness increases. Also, many soldiers return from the war, and the fundamental choice is creating a family. Both examples of the history and political background configure the number of children, the level of healthy and safe, and the index of deaths.
The methodology builds around the ArcGIS Pro Software and the official website of European statistics The maps construct the vector and raster data sets of the Province of Salzburg. The essential tool is the join table and vector polygons. Also, the export maps as pdf, and the historical process presents as a short video. The audience can understand the reasons for these changes and the cartographical presentation.
The result contains in the message. New technologies, such as mapping, are an effective way to present demographic information. The broad audience needs to understand the clear message of each map, table, and graph. Also, I believe each political decision in democratic societies affects the population.

keywords: history, statistics, pragmatism, political-decisions, map