Organizational Knowledge As Source Competitive Advantage – Case Stude Amazon

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Business, Management and Finance

Year: 2022



Organizational Knowledge As Source Competitive Advantage – Case Stude Amazon

Dr. Ioanna Dimitrakaki



Organizational learning has received significant theoretical and empirical support for its role in improving the performance and competitiveness of organizations. Quite a long time ago, it was argued that the speed of developing and ensuring organizational learning can be the only sustainable source of achieving competitive advantage in the future. The role of speed and the relative “economy” was already understood, because only in this way can a continuous development of organizational knowledge be ensured. It was emphasized that a strong rate of learning and development of organizational knowledge tends to be positively associated with achieving competitive advantage. In essence, a learning organization is able to manage, design and purposefully reshape its culture and strategy to enhance and maximize the potential for organizational learning development. The importance of organizational learning is already apparent, as the ability to learn and knowledge can mean the most important element for an organization – learning how to learn. In the present thesis, the case of Amazon was studied. The research goal, was to understand the organizations culture, and the factors behind the learning and financial success.

keywords: learning, knowledge, culture, competitive advantage, Amazon, innovations, consumers, economic success.