Human Resource Management and Hofstede’s Model of Nigeria

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Business, Management and Finance

Year: 2022



Human Resource Management and Hofstede’s Model of Nigeria

Suwaiba Bako



As there are few empirical studies on the impact of culture on Nigeria’s human resource management (HRM) practices, this literature review fills the gaps and adds to the body of knowledge. The literature review evaluates the effects of culture on HRM practices in Nigerian companies. It discusses the impact of Hofstede’s six dimensions of culture – collectivism versus individualism, the power distance index, the uncertainty avoidance index, masculinity versus femininity and long-term versus short-term orientation – on HRM practices in Nigerian companies (Hofstede, 1984, 2009). The literature review identifies various HRM practices and approaches commonly used in Nigerian companies. Most of these practices are consistent with the socio-cultural context identified by Hofstede (2009) for Nigeria, and they may be identified as culture-bound.

keywords: dimensions of national cultures, Hofstede´s model, human resource management, Nigeria.