The Analysis of Telkomsel’s Stakeholders’ Interaction

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Business, Management and Economics

Year: 2021


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The Analysis of Telkomsel’s Stakeholders’ Interaction

Audrey Sarah Kristina, George Martin Sirait



Previous research of business’ stakeholders was limited to power analysis and the flow of communication, neither focused on every activity that occurred between subjects with aim to attain common goal and employ definite response in terms of business. Within the field of international business, stakeholders need to be involved more than just influences, rather taking a part with the company, as globalization and internationalization are simultaneously affecting business. Thus, this research offers a new perspective by contributing to business administration study, from the framework of business communication, where it proves that stakeholders’ interaction analysis defines how an active business environment engaged frequently and co-creating value agenda performed continually. Stakeholders’ interaction relies on socio-economic aspect where the transaction of value established from economic mission observed by the company and socially responded by its stakeholders. Using the perspective of cluster and/or priority-based stakeholder mapping, advancing multi-approach method, and aligning with multiple case study, this research provides a comprehensive result about co-created value and behavioral scheme that applied within stakeholders’ interaction. There was no coding found during the research, but a complete and newfangled analysis method. The research was conducted with a rarely used multiple case study, as it was the fittest method to develop the analysis. It also derives both practical and academic definition of stakeholders’ interaction and its co-created value, for businesses always facing changes, and international business has the highest degree of diversities among people, altogether with inevitable facts of its dynamic environment.

Keywords: stakeholders; co-created value; international business; multiple case study; telecommunication industry.