China’s Expanding Reign of Influence Within the United Nations: An Exploration

Proceedings of The 5th International Academic Conference on Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2022



China’s Expanding Reign of Influence Within the United Nations: An Exploration

Shivangi Basu



Amidst the rapidly altering contours of world politics, the rising tide of China acts as an exigent challenge to the America-dominated world order. Beijing’s approach towards international relations is paradigm-shifting adhering to a strategy of rule-framing rather than rule-abiding. Such a milieu warrants an exploration of the role of China’s unprecedented rise in determining the direction and inclination of global politics in the subsequent decades. Contesting the American order, the Chinese state is endeavoring to redevelop the global power hierarchy in consonance with its own interests. China is promoting its own ideas of development, global governance and role of multilateral institutions. This is prominently denoted through China’s strategy of expanding influence within the United Nations. In this light, the paper includes an analysis of China’s takeover of the UN institutions and its agencies with an objective of assessing its repercussions for the future of multilateral organizations and for the nature of the world order cumulatively.
The paper examines the major shift in China’s approach to the UN from ‘passive involvement’ to ‘active engagement’ further highlighting its motives in international politics. Furthermore, the paper also seeks to identify the causes motivating such a strategy towards the UN by surveying different factors. Thereafter, the paper focuses on the implications of such a strategy: the infusion of Chinese concepts into the global discourse, subverting the role of other powers in the UN, increasing Chinese hold over smaller states, the dilution of global civil society among other effects. Lastly, it stresses on the need for countries to ‘compete for influence’ in order to preserve a balance in the UN system amidst China’s heightening stake.

keywords: China, UNO, Multilateral organizations, world politics, Chinese diplomacy .