Architecture as a Work of Art and its Implementation in Art Education

Proceedings of The 5th International Academic Conference on Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2022



Architecture as a Work of Art and its Implementation in Art Education

Lucie Tikalová, Klára Zářecká



The authors of the presented paper perceive architecture as a unique work of art and explore the possibilities of its implementation in the teaching of art education. The position of architecture is considered both, in the Czech educational system in terms of valid curricular documents and from the perspective of its importance in the education of pupils or students at various levels of the school system. The paper presents examples of suitable integration of the architecture topic into pedagogical practice. The aim of the paper is not only to provoke a discussion about the perception of architecture in the work of an art teacher but also to provide critical reflections on the meaning of this specific type of spatial creation, which is often neglected in the field of art education. The paper includes a summary of examples of “good practice”, where the topic of architecture has been part of art education in primary schools and a brief presentation of an art-didactic project presenting the work of the prominent Czech architect Josef Gočár in Hradec Králové.

keywords: city, Czech Republic, educational system, Josef Gočár, public space, spatial creation.