Development of Educational Materials on the Special Regime Camp in Kazakhstan Using 3D Computer Graphics

Proceedings of The 5th International Academic Conference on Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2022



Development of Educational Materials on the Special Regime Camp in Kazakhstan Using 3D Computer Graphics

Gudaitiene R., Vitkauskas A. G., Driauciunaite R.



With the development of modern technologies and the changing social and political situation in the world, the demand for the digital products in the market is constantly increasing. The pandemic period in Lithuania highlighted gaps in adult and children’s education in terms of schools and museums. Museum of Occupation and Freedom Fights of the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania faced problems as visits were restricted or completely closed due to the lockdown.  Thus, there has been a need to reach potential visitors remotely. In order to increase the dissemination of historical information, the multimedia products were created. The main purpose of the work was the development of the digital educational products: historical visualizations of three-dimensional graphics and educational video of the special regime hard labor camp in Kazakhstan.

Prior to the development of the visualizations, in this work the needs of the customer were identified, historical sources as well as the museum’s exposition and archival material were analyzed. Historical information about Kazakhstan special regime hard labor camps and examples of the camp visualizations were investigated using an analytical research method.

“Autodesk 3dsMax” software was used to create the three-dimensional (3D) visualizations of the buildings of the special regime hard labor camp of the WWII period, the interiors of some of the buildings, in addition to the household items and the environment. Also, a short educational video was edited to complement the visualizations. The material is intended to be used in the museum’s expositions and to remotely conduct educational activities in Lithuanian schools.

keywords: education, deportations of soviet occupations period, special regime hard labor camp, tree-dimensional (3D) visualizations.