Pedagogy And Curriculum for A Transformed South African Reality

Proceedings of The 5th International Academic Conference on Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2022



Pedagogy And Curriculum for A Transformed South African Reality

Sylvan Everton Blignaut



Any curriculum is by its very nature situated as well as contextual and co-determined by place and time. I will commence my presentation by firstly reflecting on the role that education/curriculum should be playing in a transforming society such as South Africa.  The Fees Must Fall movement by students have placed the curriculum at the centre of deliberations about transformation and decolonisation in South Africa.  Secondly, I will argue that given our history where Apartheid and separation was legally enforceable and where almost every facet of our lives were determined by race-based politics it is unavoidable to teach for social justice.  In teaching for social justice, I will argue that critical pedagogy is indispensable as a vehicle to confront this racial past.  Lastly, I will argue that if we want to transform the curriculum in meaningful ways, we have to adopt alternative conceptualisations of knowledge and embrace a “pluralisation of knowledge”.

keywords: Critical pedagogy, higher education, purpose of education, social justice, pluralization of knowledge.