Promoting Quality Of Life And Social Inclusion In Disability: The Case Of Emilia Romagna

Proceedings of The 5th International Academic Conference on Education

Year: 2022



Promoting Quality Of Life And Social Inclusion In Disability: The Case Of Emilia Romagna

Barbara Bocchi



The construct of Quality of Life leads us to the issue of the importance of developing life projects for people with disabilities, aimed at guaranteeing them all the necessary supports to be able to enjoy human rights, fundamental freedoms and a future perspective in conditions of equality with others and self-determination, so that is meaningful and valuable primarily for themselves.

In this perspective, the contribution will be concerned with presenting the reality of the employment of young adults with disabilities and the strong link between the social partners and the actors involved in the construction and implementation of actions promoting social inclusion and active citizenship through work. The analysis will be developed on the basis of the regulatory guidelines and the actions taken by the Emilia-Romagna region (North Italy) with the other institutional and social actors, in particular the secondary school, returning the experience deeply rooted in the territory of the Social Cooperatives that deal with targeted employment. The contribution will attempt, through the monitoring of the territory and through interviews with the various actors in the field, to return the experience of this territory that could become emblematic for rethinking social inclusion and policies in favour of young people with disabilities to fully enter the world of work.

keywords: Active Citizenship, Future Perspective, Equality, Self-determination, inclusive Policies .