Co-Creating Innovative and Effective Teaching Methods – The Case of InnovaT

Proceedings of The 5th International Academic Conference on Education

Year: 2022



Co-Creating Innovative and Effective Teaching Methods – The Case of InnovaT

Liliya Terzieva



The dynamics and turbulent development of the 21st century calls for reframing and reconsidering education provision as such. Higher education institutions (HEI) are facing the challenge and the opportunity to be the ones who continue shaping and empowering the future generations only if they would be the pioneers of bringing the status-quo to a new level and framework. Both educators as well as learners find themselves searching for new pathways that would allow for blended, flexible, hybrid and short learning experiences which to prepare humanity for accepting change as the only constant variable within the equation. The InnovaT project was developed to enhance and facilitate the innovation in teaching and learning experiences fostering modernization in HEIs in Chile and Peru, by providing teachers and students with the relevant skills necessary to incorporate new approaches and technologies in compliance with the quality demanded. This poster has the objective to show the insights generated as well as the lessons learned, and impact achieved based on the implementation of the InnovaT project. The poster pinpoints onto the experiences gained out of the co-created and implemented in practice learning scenarios and provision of online webinars, two editions of a six-module MOOC, a series of exploratory workshops and pilot classes to in total more than 3000 lecturers. All the above-mentioned activities took place within the last two and a half years. A period where volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous were not only characteristics of a world only to be discussed upon in academia but actually fully to become part of the day-to-day job of educators and learners.

keywords: higher education, lecturers, 21st century skills, flexibilization, VUCA world.