National and ethnic identity of preschool children in Montenegro

Proceedings of The 5th International Academic Conference on Education

Year: 2022



National and ethnic identity of preschool children in Montenegro

PhD Sasa Milic



The paper presents a study that includes questioning, interpreting and researching the national / ethnic identity of preschool children in Montenegro. The way of encouraging, forming and expressing the national/ethnic identity of children in the preschool educational context is analyzed, based on theoretical concepts in the field of pedagogy, psychology and sociology of childhood, cultural and ethno-pedagogical studies. The research was conducted within the qualitative and quantitative paradigm and in the context of a multidisciplinary approach. In the qualitative research approach, the technique of systematic observation and interviewing techniques were applied, and in the domain of the quantitative research approach, the survey technique was applied. Four research instruments were used in the research, which were constructed on the basis of relevant literature: a protocol for observing the work of preschool institutions, a questionnaire for parents, a focus group interview for educators and a photo interview for children. Each research instrument included the following key categories of indicators: children’s rights, educational content, educational strategies, physical environment, interactions and play. The research sample included 30 educators, 124 children and 150 parents within six JPUs from six cities in Montenegro, which belong to different regions. The findings of the research indicate that in practice the cognitive framework of children in the field of national identification is greatly impoverished and neglected. The need for systemic changes within the curriculum, professionally and scientifically based educational policy, diversified management in preschool institutions as well as within the professional development of educational staff in order to monitor modern scientific research, which is still not given the necessary attention in practice.

keywords: globalization, identity, children, nationality, education .