Public Order and Social Deviance in Protest Assemblies

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Future of Social Sciences and Humanities

Year: 2023



Public Order and Social Deviance in Protest Assemblies

Dr. Adriana-Iuliana Stancu, Dr. Mihaela Agheniței




Objectives: The circumstances in which recent public protest gatherings took place in Romania resulted in a major civic awareness among individuals, forcing the institutional representatives involved in ensuring the framework of public order and safety in the public space to show an increased interest in of the security of each individual citizen but also of the legislative climate in which they operate.
Proposals and methodology: Also, following the reporting of some negative events in Romanian society, the need was felt to locate the protective factors and the criminogenic risk factors that underlie the conduct of the actors who take part in public gatherings, and at the same time which is the context in which an individual can adopt a certain type of behavior, accepted or not by society.
Results and implications: Thus, we discovered that we are in a direction where we cannot affirm that social deviance at protests has become a phenomenon in the form of a continuous reality, so we considered it important to locate the causes of the outbreak of a conflict, both between citizens, but also between citizens and law enforcement, mainly with the aim of preventing such events.

keywords: Criminogenic factors, negative events, civic safety, legislative climate, individuals