Classical And Modern Arabic Bed Literature

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Future of Social Sciences and Humanities

Year: 2023



Classical And Modern Arabic Bed Literature

Dr. Hanan Salih Bishara




One of the controversial issues, whose red lines literature has crossed, is the issue of Sex, which exists in every human being between males and females. In addition, Sex exists as an abnormal relationship between males and females. The Arabic novel has entered the taboos of Sex and dealt with them from within as an adventure that is still in its beginning stages despite the numerous significant contributions that have appeared in the 20th century. The Saudi Arabian women writers broke the barriers of taboos and dealt with the problems that they confront as women in the Kingdom by employing the themes of sex, body, and other taboo issues. Some critics accused the women writers of being cheap and trying to draw attention to themselves by exploiting daring subjects in order to gain a large number of readers. Actually, the Saudi Arabian novelists have exposed new phenomena about the conservative Saudi Arabian society and broke the stereotypical image of the Saudi conservative woman.

keywords: Sihaq, lesbianism, tribadism, homosexual, heterosexual