The Situation of Foreigners on the Labour Market in Poland

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Future of Social Sciences and Humanities

Year: 2023



The Situation of Foreigners on the Labour Market in Poland

Katarzyna Przybyła, Maria Hełdak




The purpose of the study is to analyse the situation and dynamics of foreigners on the labour market in Poland, also taking into account the current situation worldwide. The authors aim at answering the question how the  crisis affects the status of foreigners in Poland including, e.g., the issued permanent residence permits or the number of actual employees. The conducted detailed research covers the situation of citizens from the countries constituting the most numerous group in Poland, i.e. arriving from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Vietnam, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Georgia. The study analyses the issued work permits by the permit type (A-E), by occupational groups (IT specialists; lawyers; artistic professions; medical professions, teaching professions), the permits issued according to groups of major Classification of Occupations and Specialties (representatives of public authorities; senior officials and managers; specialists; technicians and other middle-level staff; office workers; service and sales workers; farmers, gardeners, foresters and fishermen; industry workers and craftsmen; plant and machine operators; unskilled or low-skilled workers). Finally, the current situation of foreigners in Poland was addressed including the correlations with the number of the registered unemployed ones.

keywords: foreigners on the labor market