The Story in French as A Pedagogical Resource in The Treatment of Children’s Fears

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Future of Social Sciences and Humanities

Year: 2023



The Story in French as A Pedagogical Resource in The Treatment of Children’s Fears

Ana Mª Pérez Cabello, Elena Castillo García




Children build their identity in interaction with tales and short stories, so that values, behaviours and habits are internalised. For this reason, tales and short stories are conceived as pedagogical and emotional tools. Besides, the exploration of their its infinite possibilities in the classroom (development of socio-cultural competence, creation of playful communicative tasks, encouragement of students’ interest and motivation, promotion of the reading habit, among others) favours the implementation of them in language lessons; specifically, French in the fifth course of Primary School.

Taking this resource as a fundamental matrix, this communication presents how academic and emotional experiences are promoted thanks to two tales: Papá ! de Philippe Corentin (1995)y Anna Banana de Lenore Blegvad (1986). Communicative and key competences (Common European Framework of Reference) are presented through a Learning Situation called Let´s speak about our fears!! (On parle de nos peurs) based on the current educational law in Spain (LOMLOE) and emotional techniques in dealing with children’s fears and the communicative approach (CEFR). The didactic principles shown can be applied to other courses and languages through other stories. In this way, other French students and teachers can benefit from their use.

keywords: French language, story, children’s fears, sociocultural competence and communicative approach