Future Classroom Management

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Education and Teaching

Year: 2023



Future Classroom Management

Alenka Trpin



A class is a group of pupils who need someone to lead them. The adult leader of such a group is called the class teacher. The class teacher not only has the task of leading the group, but also must take on other important and responsible roles that are required by law and by the various daily situations that arise in the class. In addition, the class teacher’s work with the class is felt by the pupils: if the teacher is consistent and responsible, the pupils will be too. This article outlines the basic tasks and roles of the class teacher, provides a general definition of classroom management, and identifies the obstacles and difficulties that arise in carrying out this demanding role. A survey of how we have responded to the practice of distance teaching in our institution is also presented. The most common barrier is still the lack of training in this area, and respondents also highlighted the loss of relevance of the role. All this shows that this area is still neglected in the educational process.

keywords: classroom leadership, class meeting, class teacher, ICT, classroom tasks