Peace Education: A Viable Strategy for nonviolent society

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Education and Teaching

Year: 2023



Peace Education: A Viable Strategy for nonviolent society

Rinzin Dorjee Lama



From time immemorial the issue of war and peace has been coming down even to the present time as a dominant factor influencing the course of human history in all the ages. The phenomenon of resorting to war to the use of force either for the settlement of disputes or to exercise the sphere of influence over others or to bring other nations under one’s political subjugations or to annex other’s territory to one’s own under any pretext resulted in the birth of a culture of war – a culture responsible for a number of wars occurred in different parts of the world in different periods of time. If we assess the historical development of human society from the time of Greek civilization and even beyond we come to find war playing decisive role not only in shaping and reshaping countries on the map of the world but also in planting the seeds of military confrontation –the confrontation which, once, pushed the world towards the brink of nuclear holocaust.  The culture of war, deeply embedded in human nature, is responsible for begetting the forces of conflicts, violence and disorder, quite detrimental to the larger interest of economic progress and the advancement of human society. The forces of conflicts and violence have today assumed formidable shape and have made entry into the compound of schools and colleges in many parts of the world. The First and Second World Wars recorded as the bloodiest and more disastrous ones occurred in 1919 and 1939 respectively have not only brought untold suffering to human beings causing great devastation of their properties but also have forced are race on them and have divested all their material and intellectual resources for manufacturing to nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Resources to be diverted for the eradication of poverty and illiteracy were most unfortunately spent on both materials forced. If the resources, spent on the nuclear weapons and military build-up could have used for eradication of the poverty this world we live today would be a world without hunger, disease, backwardness and illiteracy. But this world of ours beset with problem of conflicts, violence, violation of human rights, discrimination against women and children and social injustice is failing to make strides toward the path of peace and prosperity because of the lack of some living ideals based on moral, spiritual and human values. If today schools and colleges become the home of violence and conflicts the society we live will be the house of devils and destructive for us. The youths who are destined to be the pillars of nature and the star of future are unfortunately falling victim to the forces of violence and conflict. To rescue the youths and the students from any moral and spiritual wreckage in future new strategy, directly beneficial and acceptable to them has to be forged without any further delay. The ideals of peace and nonviolence are to be inculcated on the minds of the students through peace education incorporating in the curriculum of schools.

keywords: nuclear, holocaust, conflict, students, wreckage