Ethics in Student’s Core Curriculum

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Education and Teaching

Year: 2022



Ethics in Student’s Core Curriculum

Pema Ghaljen Lama



As humanity moves into a new century and a new millennium, educational institutions, intellectuals and educators are facing with a biggest challenge: How best to prepare students for life in an increasingly interdependent world. One of the fundamental questions facing educators today is the role of schools in shaping the moral and spiritual character of its students in the context of a complex society. Is there a future for bringing forth whole and complete world citizens or mediocre citizens of the world?  What is being ethical? It means being true to oneself. Being truthful means being spiritual or religious to the highest core. The challenge ahead of educators is: How to integrate highest core of ethics among the future citizens of the world.
The world we live today is beset with problems arising out of wars, ethnic violence, environment degradation, illiteracy, and poverty. The poverty that we are talking here is more of a mental and spiritual dearth or void.  We live in divided world with no relationship, connectedness with one another.  Young students carry heavy school bags with loads of books early morning and come back with drooping shoulders with a streak of tiredness and moroseness on their faces. Teenagers and young adults carry loads of knowledge in their brains in the arena of medicine, IT, Social Sciences, Anthropology and so on. You may expect a “snappy” answer from them for questions like “What do you love about your life, what is the purpose of your life, what is so great about your family, your community,”
Present system of education calls for transformational, holistic approach rather than mere transmission of knowledge. There is an urgent need for gentleness in teaching and learning pedagogy.  Learning is no longer an amassing of information to gain mastery over some aspect of the world, but an attempt to understand one’s intimate connection in the world. How many of us as educators, parents, adults understand the depth and value of our relationships to people around us? Are we courageous, Are we generous to express our feelings, thoughts; Is there a place in the so called society to be spiritual? Is there a place in the society to develop and educate young ones into whole citizen irrespective of their nationality, religion, caste, class and so on?

keywords: Pedagogy, education, transformation, Spiritual, ethics