Green Growth and Circular Economy

Proceedings of The 5th International Academic Conference on Management and Economics

Year: 2022



Green Growth and Circular Economy

Esra Kabaklarli



 Scientists have concluded that the experienced climate change may have played an important role in the evolution or spread of zootomic diseases like Sars and Covid 19. This situation reveals the importance and sustainability of all kinds of tools, articles, and studies examining green growth and circular economy. The subject of the proposed article is sustainability-based, green economic growth strategies of the countries and the circular economy practices. Within the framework of this subject, the scope of the research consists of indicators of green growth and circular economy in OECD countries. On the other hand, this article aims to both provide academic contribution and create more awareness about green growth and circular economy topics. The circular economy considers waste as a source to produce new manufacturing good or to update what was previously used. In conclusion, circular economy enables companies to generate revenue while reducing their costs, which will lead to green growth across different industries.

keywords: Green Growth, Circular Economy, OECD Countries, Sustainability, Green Technologies.