Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction of Higher Education Teachers

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Applied Research in Education

Year: 2023



Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction of Higher Education Teachers

Prof. dr. Birute Zygaitiene, Assoc. prof. dr. Regina Venckiene




The HEI community is an important link in ensuring the quality of the work of the whole organisation. In particular, the majority of its staff—the teaching staff—play a key role. It is therefore very important to find out whether lecturers are satisfied with their work and what important variables they prioritise. In order to clarify the factors influencing the job satisfaction of the teaching staff, this paper analyses the scientific literature of the last thirty years, which has contributed to the discovery and understanding of job satisfaction as a significant multidimensional construct that affects the well-being of each individual and the quality of the work of the whole organisation. The second part of the paper analyses the results of a survey of the attitudes towards job satisfaction among the lecturers of the Faculty of Arts and Creative Technologies of Vilnius University of Applied Sciences. The analysis revealed the most important factors determining the satisfaction of the teaching staff as identified by the lecturers of the higher education institution:  Relationships with students and colleagues, influence at work, smooth and timely communication, significance, meaningfulness and importance of work, clarity of roles, management of conflict situations, participation in joint events, support from faculty management and colleagues, recognition, respect and appreciation from students, opportunities for professional development, working conditions, recreational facilities, meaningfulness of the work, material base, financial rewards, workload and pace of work.

keywords: lecturers, job satisfaction, factors affecting job satisfaction