How to Integrate into the Canadian Workplace with Ease

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Applied Research in Education

Year: 2023



How to Integrate into the Canadian Workplace with Ease

Angela Spadafora, Natalie Piergentili




When making the decision to become a resident in Canada, many individuals focus on the minimal information shared about the amazing opportunities that await in this beautiful country.  Much to many Newcomers’ surprise, the process to find employment is not as easy as they expected.  Through anecdotal notes taken following the needs assessments completed in several classes as well as comments made by students during class, these authors have come to understand that there are common themes to the information that individuals require when they make the decision to journey to Canada and settle into their new home.  The result of gathering this information, in an action-research format, is the development of a curriculum shared in a specific pattern to allow students to develop proficiency and skill with navigating the Canadian job market and workplace.  In the 12-week course, 80% or more students are prepared to start attending interviews and/or receive offers of employment prior to the end of the course.  Some topics covered in this systematic curriculum include:  the top 10 interview questions, accessing the hidden job market and common customer service practices.  By covering important and necessary topics in an engaging and structured manner, students do not want to miss classes even when they have found the job to help them enter the Canadian workforce.

keywords: interview preparation, integration, active listening, job search, networking