Negative Emotions Present in the Classroom After Pandemic Covid-19

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Applied Research in Education

Year: 2023



Negative Emotions Present in the Classroom After Pandemic Covid-19

Sergio Zepeda, Alba Nuñez




The mandatory lockdown imposed by Covid-19 worldwide had a significant emotional impact on people, Students were among those most affected, as well as their social interaction and learning process maintained for many years, a process that was abruptly interrupted and that forced the students to have their classes at home often in adverse learning environments. All of these factors led to the emergence of negative emotions in students during the pandemic. Even though it has been declared over, some of these negative emotions still persist in students. In this paper, we show qualitative research using the focus group method to determine what negative emotions generated by the pandemic students still experience while attending in-person classes. The results obtained show the top ten primary emotions that students express feeling during the pandemic and which of these persist in them currently. The paper also presents the three main negative emotions that were found in the presented case study. Finally, we provide a discussion to reflect on our role as educators to attend students who were profoundly affected worldwide by the lockdown. We show an approach how emotions in the classroom should be a top priority subject for reflection in the teaching and learning process.

keywords: Student-Teacher Relationship, Teacher Role in Learning Process, Emotions in Students, Research Education, Education