Honking Up the Right Trees: Canada Goose Takes Flight

Proceedings of The 4th World Conference on Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Honking Up the Right Trees: Canada Goose Takes Flight

Amory Pescariu, David A. Wernick, Ph.D.



This teaching case considers the recent growth trajectory and future expansion prospects for Canadian winter wear company Canada Goose. The case is written for undergraduate and graduate students taking international business and marketing courses. The case is set in early 2022. The protagonist is the company’s CEO, Dani Reiss, who is reflecting upon his two decades as chief executive. During that time the company has grown from a small, regional outerwear producer into a leading global lifestyle brand, with scores of dedicated fans the world over who eagerly pay up to $1,500 for one of its signature parkas. In 2021 the company generated $700 million in revenue, notwithstanding a global pandemic that waylaid many of its competitors. Reiss anticipates strong demand for his company’s products as consumer confidence returns to pre-pandemic levels. But challenges remain. They include accusations of false advertising and claims of discriminatory return policies in China, one of its most important foreign markets. The company also continues to receive criticism from animal rights activists in the U.S. and Europe for using animal fur and feathers in its jackets. There is also the prospect of future travel restrictions and store closures in major markets as governments grapple with new variants of the pandemic. The case concludes with Reiss considering how to position Canada Goose for continued success in an increasingly crowded global market for luxury winter wear and how to best allocate the company’s resources for the next phase of international expansion.

keywords: globalization, marketing, foreign expansion, corporate strategy, brand management .