The Portrayal of Women in Indian Television Advertisements and its Impact on Indian Women

Proceedings of The 4th Global Conference on Women’s Studies

Year: 2022



The Portrayal of Women in Indian Television Advertisements and its Impact on Indian Women

Suman ‘Lal’



Since the mid-twentieth century mass media has made a huge impact worldwide, whether it is print media or electronic media. Today newspapers, magazines, films, radio, television, billboards, and the internet, are playing a major role in the form of entertainment and information, with television advertisement predominantly. But from the past few decades, Indian television advertisements are not only giving information about the product or services but also at the same time, directly and indirectly, forced the audience to buy their product, in different ways, especially by affecting the psychology of the people as viewers or consumers. If observed closely Indian TV advertisements not only sell products and services but over the years advertisements have sold different views, values, social beliefs, conservative thinking, sex, and nudity on television. This depiction has been done in such

a way, that society always easily accepts the nudity, misogyny, and conservative thought against women without any question. Especially, in India, almost three decades have passed since the beginning of the process of globalization in 1990, but despite the many positive changes in society, economy, and politics, Indian commercials are still regressive against women, they still use the identity, body, conservative thought, and nudity and negative portrayal of women more often in television advertisements to sell from everything to anything and these processes affect the women capability. Although today’s advertising agency uses women to sell their goods, products, and services, they deny the socio-cultural influence and process behind it and popular images of women in TV commercials as young girls in real life and how it is affecting the potential of women. These types of advertisements are a kind of tool for mental transformation which is more negative than positive. This is why TV commercials over the past few decades have featured a woman who wants to go beyond her privacy, who wants to be public, who wants to sell herself but this is not the reality of normal women of India who lives in the society.

keywords: commercials, globalization, misogyny, nudity, potential, sex, society