Impact of Covid on the Trend of Domestic Violence in Indian Households

Proceedings of The 4th Global Conference on Women’s Studies

Year: 2022



Impact of Covid on the Trend of Domestic Violence in Indian Households

Suparna Das



To curb the spread of the covid virus, countries have declared lockdowns for months and companies/offices either stopped operation temporarily or started work-from-home system to continue production. Thus, working population and children became confined at home for months, which increased frustration and stress among people. Researchers have argued that the impact of the pandemic on the life of women is higher due to increase in household chores, and some studies also provided evidence for increase in domestic violence based on the data on complaint numbers to service providers for addressing these issues during this crisis time. Till now, national level data to capture the change in household dynamics during pandemic time is rare. This study intends to examine and compare whether there is any change in the domestic violence trend in India before and just after covid pandemic. The novelty of this study is that it uses a national level survey, National Family Health Survey data of the Fifth round (2019-21) on India, which was not specifically designed for identifying the impact of covid, but includes many attributes of women’s life regarding demographic characteristics, health and childbirth, subjective and objective information on domestic violence among many others. The data has been collected from 2019 to 2021, with a halt due to covid restrictions from April to September 2020. Using this break in the data this study examines whether and how the pattern of domestic violence has changed during the pandemic time.

keywords: pandemic, women in household, violence against women, women’s household status, intimate partner violence