Pseudo-Feminism- vs feminism- Is Pseudo-Feminism shattering the work of feminists?

Proceedings of The 4th Global Conference on Women’s Studies

Year: 2022



Pseudo-Feminism- vs feminism- Is Pseudo-Feminism shattering the work of feminists?

Jayseema Jagernath and Dominique Marie’ Nupen



The concept of gender equity and feminism has been around for many years, with all genders fighting for an equal voice for all people, irrespective of their gender. Whilst many countries have made great strides towards reducing the injustice of the past, society is still miles ahead of achieving gender equity around the world. Whilst fighting the gender equity struggle lies a social phenomenon known as pseudo feminism, which is developing parallel to feminism. This research paper seeks to provide an insight into identifying and understanding the concept of pseudo-feminism among all genders. This research paper will identify cases of pseudo-feminism within the working environment and domestic living environment among all genders residing in South Africa. The study will discuss the views of all genders on pseudo feminism and the social perception of its effects on feminism. Primary data will be gathered via the use of a quantitative questionnaire, with the use of secondary research to solidify the research. Due to the diverse population of South Africa, the research will be independent of race. The findings of the study will be presented via a research paper and will add to the existing body of knowledge and will be of value to gender equity activists and mentors. The research paper will commence with a literature review that analyses the available information on pseudo-feminism and its impact on feminism. The research methods and results of the study will then be described, and the findings discussed. The paper will conclude with the final insights and recommendations.

keywords: equity, gender, pseudo-feminism, social trends