Human Dignity and the Right to Death: Euthanasia in Albania Legislation

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2021


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Human Dignity and the Right to Death: Euthanasia in Albania Legislation

Dr. Jonida Mehmetaj and Marinela Hisaj



Human dignity and the right to die in the sense of understanding Euthanasia and its application to the corpus of normative discourse brings a challenge to every study and scholar. Since the right to life is one of the indisputable fundamental rights firmly established in every national and international normative act, it brings a problem in the application of euthanasia, or the desire to die. For this study dwells extensively on the analysis of meaning, the legal regulation of the concept of human dignity as a step to then understand the right to die and the application of euthanasia. The analysis of the study focuses on two main lines, in the first one attempts are made to understand human dignity, euthanasia in relation to it and personal autonomy. While in the second case an analysis is developed for the Albanian legal environment, in an attempt to find an approach that brings innovation and topicality and the example of a country that finds it difficult to draft legislation that supports the application of euthanasia. Although it is worth noting that the will of the individual to decide on the end of his life should be recognized as a legitimate right of his.

Keywords: Euthanasia, human dignity, legal acts, Albania.